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Toddler Training Pants

McKesson disposable toddler training pants absorb fluids for up to 12 hours, offering protection throughout the day or night. These unisex pants fit toddlers who weigh 30 to 40 pounds. The diapers use a channeling technology that allows them to absorb as much fluid as possible, keeping little ones clean and dry. The training pants have soft and stretchable sides, allowing toddlers to pull the pants up and down with ease. Their easy-to-tear sides enable quick and easy changing. Made with the safety and comfort of its users in mind, the pants have a skin-friendly design and breathable outer cover that provides lasting comfort. They are not made with natural rubber latex and are suitable for use on babies with latex allergies and skin sensitivities.

At a Glance

  • Toddler training pants offer 12-hour protection
  • Wetness indicator on the front fades when pants are damp to assist with the training process
  • Soft, stretchable sides to easily pull them on and off
  • Easy-to-tear sides for quick removal

Provides 12-Hour Protection

The toddler training pants use channeling technology to absorb up to 12 hours of fluids, providing toddlers with protection throughout the day or night. They are suitable for use on baby boys and girls weighing about 30 to 40 pounds. The pants help keep the baby clean and dry and assist with the potty training process. They have a soft outer cover that is gentle on the skin.

Convenient Design

Made with the comfort and convenience of users in mind, the training pants have a wetness indicator on the front. It fades when it becomes damp, alerting parents when it is time for a change. They have soft, stretchable sides that allow them to be easily pulled on and off for a great potty training process. The training pants also have easy-to-tear sides for quick removal.

Latex-Free and Easily Disposable

Designed for single use, the toddler training pants have a convenient tape for mess-free disposal. They are skin friendly and free from lotions, perfume, chlorine, and water-based inks. Latex-free, they are suitable for use on toddlers with latex allergies, skin sensitivities and skin disorders. The pants have a soft, breathable outer cover that provides lasting comfort.

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