What does "HSA Eligible" mean?

If a product is "HSA eligible" that means the item can be covered by your Health Savings Account. You can use your active HSA card to purchase anything on our website or in person! We'll make the transaction easy for you. :)

Are all the products on HSA-Depot.com HSA eligible?

Yes! We are proud to sell a clear and simple collection of HSA eligible products. All items are HSA eligible. Some items do, however, require a doctor's recommendation. We provide a simple outline to print off and give to your doctor to ensure the eligibility of these item.

How do I save money using my HSA/FSA card?

Using your HSA account to purchase our eligible medical products saves you money by avoiding tax penalties! Instead of paying income tax, then purchasing what you need, you can skip the income tax! Depending on your tax bracket, that's 10-37%!

What a great way to save!