Surgical Tape Paper 2" x 10 yds

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McKesson Air-Permeable Paper Medical Tape

Help keep bandages and dressings in place with McKesson Paper Medical Tape. Available in multiple sizes to better secure affected areas, this pressure-sensitive adhesive tape is made from air-permeable paper so it breathes while on the skin and is gentle when removed. Soft and conformable, this non-sterile first aid tape is hypoallergenic and moisture permeable to prevent skin irritation while wounds heal.

At a Glance:

  • Non-sterile first aid medical tape designed to keep bandages and dressings in place
  • Air-permeable paper construction breathes and allows for gentle removal from skin
  • Soft and conformable multi-purpose tape is hypoallergenic to prevent irritation while wounds heal
  • McKesson surgical tape comes in multiple sizes to secure affected areas and facilitate wound care

Non-Sterile Adhesive Paper Bandage Tape Aids in Wound Care

A more secure way to hold bandages in place, this non-sterile paper adhesive tape provides additional protection to aid in wound care. Multi-purpose McKesson Medical Tape comes in a variety of widths to help keep dressings, tubing and devices in place. This non-sterile medical tape is made from paper, allowing for easy, gentle removal from skin.

Soft, Breathable Design Complements Healing Process

These pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes are air and moisture permeable to facilitate wound recovery. Paper construction is soft and conforms to skin to reduce discomfort while wearing. Designed to complement bandages and other dressings, hypoallergenic tape uses lasting adhesive that won’t irritate skin.

Explore More McKesson Comprehensive Wound Care Solutions

McKesson recognizes the challenges involved in proper wound care. In response, McKesson Brands offers businesses and caregivers a comprehensive selection of professional medical supplies to help preserve quality and performance while saving money. McKesson Medical-Surgical also supplies a host of resources to help train and educate your staff on the complexities of wound care.

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