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Shots don’t have to hurt! Bionix ShotBlocker is a U-shaped device with small bumps that help distract from the sting of needle sticks. ShotBlocker, a novel application of the Gate Control Theory, uses a number of blunt contact points to saturate the sensory signals around an injection site. Thereby distracting the patient from the uneasiness associated with a needle stick. It is a simple, non-invasive, drug-free method that quickly reduces needle discomfort and angst at half the cost of other methods. Try Bionix ShotBlocker for greater confidence, safety, and effectiveness for patients of all ages.
  • HELPS MINIMIZE THE STING OF INJECTIONS: The Bionix ShotBlocker minimizes the discomfort & angst of injections blunt skin contact points distract from the injection site, making each shot a more pleasant experience.
  • EASY-TO-USE: The distraction effect is immediate, unlike the wait required when using numbing creams, sprays, & vibrating distractors. To use, press the disc firmly over the injection site & immediately administer the shot through the opening.
  • KID-FRIENDLY: Safe for children & adults, our physician-designed device is a non-invasive plastic disc with short, blunt contact points on its underside (no drugs or chemicals!). They are great for vaccines, immunizations, & at-home injections.
  • PROVEN TECHNOLOGY: Our patented ShotBlocker uses the Gate Control Theory, proven to ease discomfort associated with injections of immunizations, allergy & insulin shots, hormone therapy, & more. It can be reused if washed with mild detergent & water.
  • WHO WE SERVE: Bionix provides quality healthcare products that are designed for all medical professionals, from pediatricians to home healthcare specialists to help better the lives of patients in every developmental stage. - Made in America -

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