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The Vive memory foam knee pad provides added comfort and support for most knee walkers and scooters to relieve pain and reduce friction. Convenient elastic straps and an integrated drawstring create a universal fit. With this comfort cushion, you can relieve knee pain and fatigue by evenly distributing pressure across the knee pad. The Soft memory foam knee scooter pad absorbs impact and helps you rest and recover from a broken leg, foot, or ankle, as well as other leg surgeries or injuries. Experience a more comfortable knee scooter with this soft and padded cushion that retains its shape for long term use.
  • MEMORY FOAM CUSHIONING: The Vive mobility knee scooter pad provides the best in both comfort and support. With comfortable foam padding that retains its shape even after extended use, you can reduce fatigue and pain in your knees, hips, and ankles.
  • AVOID PUTTING PRESSURE ON INJURIES: For a better way to recover from injury, the Vive walker pad helps to evenly distribute pressure across the knee and lower leg for a more comfortable experience. With even pressure distribution, you will experience less pain and fatigue from your knee walker or scooter.
  • COMFORT THAT LASTS ALL DAY: Soft memory foam cushions and supports the knee and lower leg to help avoid pain and pressure. The normal movements that could cause friction and skin irritation are avoided with this cushion, for comfort that lasts all day.
  • SIMPLE TO SET UP: With a drawstring cover and integrated elastic straps, you can easily secure the foam pad to your knee walker for a secure grip that won’t slip. The durable design withstands everyday wear and tear, for extended use.
  • QUALITY GUARANTEE: Vive 60-day guarantee.

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