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McKesson Hydrocolloid Dressings were designed as primary or secondary dressings for wounds with light to moderate exudate. They feature a thin and flexible design to promote even contact over the wound bed and a strong yet gentle adhesive bond with the skin. When in contact with wound exudate, the hydrocolloid formula reacts with cellular material from the wound to form a layer of gel — this keeps the wound moist and creates an optimal healing environment. This, in combination with their adhesive ability, increases the amount of time that the dressings can be worn, resulting in fewer dressing changes and undisturbed healing for the wound. The dressings have a semi-transparent outer layer, which permits easy wound visualization in between changes.

McKesson Thin Hydrocolloid Dressings feature a highly absorbent inner layer that effectively removes exudate from the wound, which facilitates epithelization, granulation, and autolytic debridement while preventing skin maceration. The outer layer of the dressing is moisture resistant and features low-profile rounded corners. This makes it less likely for the edges to roll up and prevents urine and feces from penetrating the dressing, reducing the risk of contamination. McKesson offers designs in multiple shapes and sizes, such as the sacral hydrocolloid dressing, with either film or foam backing to meet various application needs, even in hard-to-dress areas like the elbow or heel. The most popular designs are the 4 x 4-inch thin square (McKesson 1883) and the 4 x 4-inch film backing square (McKesson 1887).

Intended Uses

  • Primary or secondary dressing for wounds with light to moderate exudate
  • Sacral hydrocolloid dressing for wounds in the sacral area of the back


  • Management of partial- or full-thickness wounds, such as leg ulcers and pressure ulcers
  • Helps maintain moist wound healing environment to assist in autolytic debridement and protect the wound from external contamination


  • Patients with known hypersensitivities to the components of the dressing or with third-degree burns

Features and Benefits

  • Cohesive Dressing System Doesn't Break Down and Leave Residue in the Wound Bed and Facilitates Easy Removal
  • Low-Profile Rounded Corners Help Reduce Edge Rollup
  • Semi-Transparent Outer Layer Allows Easy Wound Visualization
  • Highly Absorbent Inner Layer Effectively Removes Exudate From Wound and Facilitates Granulation, Epithelization, and Autolysis
  • Multiple Shapes and Sizes to Fit Caregiver Needs
  • Film Backing or Foam Backing to Suit Various Application Needs


  • Manufacturer: McKesson
  • Product Numbers: 1882, 1883, 1884, 1885, 1886, 1887, 1888, 1889, 1890, 61-85188, 61-85192, 61-85222, 61-85266, 61-85288
  • Sizes: 2 x 2 Inches, 4 x 4 Inches, 6 x 6 Inches, 6 x 7 Inches, 8 x 8 Inches
  • Designs: Thin, Sacral, Film Backing, Foam Backing

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