Heavy Duty Hinged Knee Brace

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Experience enhanced support for your knee with the Vive Heavy Duty Hinged Knee Brace. With attached side handles, application and removal are effortless. The durable construction features securing buckles and adjustable side straps so you can personalize this brace to meet your needs. Ensure proper patella alignment and tracking with the unique open-kneecap design, providing ventilation and greater comfort for long-lasting wear. 


  • Easy Application And Removal

Applying and removing the Vive Heavy Duty Hinged Knee Brace is a breeze thanks to its user-friendly design. With attached side handles, you can swiftly unfasten the secure buckles, slide the brace over your knee, and then fasten the straps from bottom to top. 

  • Tailored Comfort And Compression

Achieve the perfect fit with customizable side straps. Adjust them to your preferred level of compression, ensuring a snug and comfortable fit. If needed, the straps can be easily trimmed to size, allowing you to personalize your knee brace for optimal comfort. 

  • Innovative Open Patella Design

Experience top-tier support, reduced pressure, and enhanced skin comfort with our innovative open patella knee brace. This unique design not only reduces the risk of patellar issues but also offers greater flexibility and ventilation, keeping you in motion with improved comfort and confidence. 

  • Built To Last

Count on the durability of our knee brace, thanks to heavy-duty hinges that provide stability and prevent hyperextension, even with frequent use. The open-kneecap design ensures robust protection against knee injury and pain, providing gentle yet reliable support with every step. 

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