Children's Night Time Multi-Symptom Cold

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  • MULTI-SYMPTOM RELIEF: Mucinex Children’s Night Time Multi-Symptom Cold helps reduce fever, relieves stuffy nose, sore throat, sinus pressure, nasal congestion, cough, and runny nose & sneezing
  • #1 PEDIATRICIAN RECOMMENDED: Mucinex Children’s is the #1 Pediatrician Recommended Brand among Non-Homeopathic Children’s Cough / Cold OTC products
  • PAIN RELIEVER & FEVER REDUCER: Contains Acetaminophen which relieves pain, reduces fever and helps relieve your child’s sore throat
  • ANTIHISTAMINE & COUGH SUPPRESSANT: Contains Diphenhydramine HCI which provides relief for stuffy nose, sneezing and cough
  • NASAL DECONGESTANT: Contains Phenylephrine HCl that provides relief for nasal congestion, sinus congestion and pressure
  • FLAVOR: Available in Very Berry Flavor
  • USAGE: Use as directed; For ages 6+ years

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