Dorsal Night Splint

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Find relief from plantar fasciitis pain with the Vive dorsal night splint. Supporting a neutral position that gently stretches the ligaments and tendons for the foot, the night splint alleviates plantar fasciitis, foot drop, achilles tendonitis and general foot, arch and heel pain. The night brace features a bendable aluminum splint for personalized support, soft foam padding for greater comfort and adjustable fastener straps for a customized fit. The set also includes a compression strap and arch sleeves for soothing relief of pain and inflammation and a studded massage ball for deep tissue massage.  


  • Supportive Pain Management

Effectively relieving foot, arch and heel pain, the Vive dorsal night splint holds the foot in a neutral position for a gentle, consistent stretch. The compression night splint can be worn on the left or right foot as needed to reduce pain and inflammation due to plantar fasciitis, achilles tendonitis, foot drop and more. 

  • Flexible Splint for Customizable Support

Lightweight and bendable, the dorsal night wrap has an integrated aluminum splint that can easily be adjusted to provide the optimal angle of support for your foot up to 90 degrees. 

  • Comfortable Fit throughout the Night

Generously padded, the low-profile, open-heel design is lightweight and breathable for maximum comfort while sleeping. The dorsal night splint features adjustable fastener straps for a comfortable fit for most adults up to 15.5” ankle circumference. 

  • Soothing Compression Relief

Providing customizable compression for targeted relief, the night splint includes a removable compression strap and a pair of arch compression sleeves. The compression strap can be looped around the foot and ankle as needed for greater support and soothing relief. A spiky massage ball is also included for effective deep tissue massage on sore muscles or joints. 

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