Portable Smart Rising Seat Compact

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If difficulty standing up and is limiting your mobility and independence, SitnStand Compact was designed with you in mind. It’s a “lift chair in a bag.” You can take SitnStand Compact virtually anywhere: the park, restaurants, theaters, arenas, even in airplanes or on scooters. Regain your mobility and independence with the ultra-lightweight life-changer.

  • Fits any chair, sofa, seat, bench, or scooter outside the home

  • Provides 8” of elevation with the simple push of 
a button

  • Makes sitting down and standing up easy, safe and stable

  • Comes with a carry bag for easy transport

  • Rechargeable battery goes 4-7 days between recharging

  • Ultra-lightweight: only 6.6 lbs

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