Cyclist Super Light Med Pack

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Specs - 

Height: 7.25 in

Width: 4.75 in

Depth: 1.9 in

Weight: 89 g

Cycling Super Lite Med Pack contains –

  • Skin Glue
  • 3 SuperSkin Blister Strips
  • 2” Conforming Stretch Gauze
  • 2 Antiseptic Wipes
  • Lip Balm Packet
  • Sunscreen Packet
  • Friction Frosting Packet
  • Nitrile Gloves
  • Wound Closure Strips
  • 2 2”x4” Bandages
  • 2 Ibuprofen Packets
  • Anti-Cramping Aid Packet
  • Antimicrobial Hand Wipe
  • Tubular Gauze Large
  • Tubular Gauze Medium
  • 1”x3” Bandage
  • Sting Relief Wipe
  • BZK Antiseptic First Aid Wipe
  • KoKos Drink Mix Packet
  • 2 Triple Antibiotic Ointment
  • Super hand Wipe

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