Hip & Knee Recovery Kit

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  • Let Lift Assist: useful for safely repositioning your leg on a bed, wheelchair, or in a vehicle without risking injury.
  • 23" Shoe Horn with Sock Remover: eliminating bending and twisting, the extra long shoe horn works with any shoe style or boot while standing or sitting down.
  • Sock Assist: reducing bending and twisting, it is great for those with limited mobility and those recovering from surgery or injury.
  • Dressing Stick: ideal for those with limited mobility due to surgery or injury, the adaptive dressing stick minimizes bending and twisting when getting dressed each day.
  • Fodling Reacher Grabber: adding 32” of reach, the folding reacher grabber allows you to reach high shelving, dropped items and behind furniture and appliances without painful twisting and bending.
  • Loofa Brush: a curved, 17-inch handle allows you to easily clean hard to reach areas without twisting or bending.

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