Verifine Sharps Container

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1 Quart Volume, designed for home use and travel. Tailored for the collection of waste insulin needles, the replacement of insulin needles can be completed with one hand, preventing accidental injuries caused by waste needles. Ideal for use in bathrooms, offices, and cars.

Easy To Use & Multifunctional Design

Large Opening Design

Open the lid of the sharps box, the large waste disposal opening can be used to discard large sharps.

Special Hole For Insulin Pen Needle

Remove the special hole for the insulin needle, and rotate the needle as indicated by the arrow.

Dedicated Hole For Threaded Luer Needle

Dedicated hole for removal of threaded Luer, used to remove threaded Luer needle.

Ordinary Luer Needle Hole

The special hole for common type Luer can be removed, and the common type Luer needle can be removed.

Temporarily Locked

When the content has not reached the 85% warning line, please use the temporary lock to seal the lid.

Permanent locking

Permanent locking is required when the content reaches the 85% warning line. Buckle the permanent lock to prevent secondary leakage.

How to Properly Get Rid of a Disposable Sharps Container?

When the capacity in the sharp container reaches 85% of the warning line, please do not continue to use it. It should be permanently locked and then disposed of properly in compliance with regulations.

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