Transcend WhisperSoft Micro – Muffler, Custom 5in Hose, Standard 6ft Hose

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At SecondWind CPAP, our team is proud to offer a wide range of accessories and parts to use with your sleep apnea treatment devices to ensure the best night’s sleep, every single night. Experience peaceful and uninterrupted sleep with the Transcend Micro WhisperSoft Muffler Kit, which is designed to significantly reduce noise levels from your Transcend Micro machine. This kit has everything you need to create a quiet, peaceful sleep environment, even with your CPAP machine running! The kit includes:

  • Muffler
  • Custom 5in Hose
  • Standard 6ft Hose
  • Easy Installation: The WhisperSoft Muffler Kit is a breeze to install. It seamlessly integrates with your Transcend Micro machine for immediate noise reduction benefits.
  • Compact and Lightweight: The Muffler Kit maintains the compact and lightweight nature of your CPAP setup, perfect for travel and any on-the-go use.
  • Unobtrusive Design: The sleek and low-profile design of the muffler kit ensures that it will not interfere with your comfort or disrupt the aesthetics of your sleeping environment.

Get started with consistently great sleep each night, even with your CPAP machine running at peak performance with the Transcend Micro WhisperSoft Muffler Kit! SecondWind CPAP is proud to offer this and many more accessories to ensure quality sleep for you or your partner. 

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