Thermometer, Easy-Read 8-Second

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  • Measures as fast as 8 seconds
  • Fever alarm
  • Waterproof tip
  • Flexible tip

How to use:

  1. Press the ON/OFF button. The display will read.
  2. Release the ON?OFF button and the display will how Lo °F with °F flashing
  3. Disinfect the probe with ethyl (rubbing) alcohol. place the probe in an appropriate position (oral, axillary, rectal).
  4. Once the degree sign °F on the display had stopped flashing (usually with in 8 seconds) the correct temperature is indicated.
  5. The unit will automatically turn off in approximately 30 seconds. However, to prolong battery life, it is best to turns the thermometer off by pressing the ON/OFF button once the temperature has been noted.

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